Parasyte Episode 8 and 9: A new enemy appears

Apparently, I've got two episodes to manage this week...based on what I can see, there should still be another new episode this week, so I'll do them both at once. Episode 8 brings Kana back into the picture...obviously Satomi needs some competition. If she can sense parasites, maybe she'll become a confidant for Shinichi. That would certainly deepen the rift between him and Satomi, so it would make sense. I really don't see why she hasn't figured anything out yet.

Episode 8 also brings the introduction of a new character, Shimada Hideo, presumably an enemy like A. I'm curious about the scene where he changed his face, though. They certainly made it seem a lot more important that I would expect.

Episode 9 goes a bit more into looks like he will be involving one of Satomi's friends in all of this parasite business. I was certain that she would be killed for her investigations...but since episode 9 cliffhangers her death, I assume that Shinichi will make it in time. He'll likely reveal himself to her, which might cause his rift with Satomi to get even worse if he doesn't get a chance to explain himself to her. Would that be the sort of thing that drives him to Kana?

Also, when will we finally figure out what these parasites are? I mean, aliens is the obvious answer...but isn't that too easy? My mind wants to say government accident/project because of the timed outbreak, but shouldn't there have been some secret meetings going on if that were the case?

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