Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 8: Another one bites the dust

Oh...Rider was taken out that easily? I guess that means Shirou wasted his second Command Seal. I swear those things get thrown around like candy...Rin even wasted one. It makes me wonder how the enemies use these Command Seals. Did Shinji have any left when Rider was killed? I suppose they don't necessarily increase battle capabilities, so they don't really need to be saved like secret weapons...maybe I'm thinking about this incorrectly.

Now that Shinji's out of the picture, I suppose the focus will shift back to Caster...well, maybe not immediately. There's still Berserker to beat, right? The preview seems to be showing an argument between Archer and Saber...but that can't be all that happens next week, right? There's only so much time left in the show. By the way, my memory of the UBW movie is giving me certain images of Saber and Caster...involving bondage? I'm sure that's nothing to worry about...

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