Log Horizon 2 Episode 9: The raid is no fun without a challenge, right?

So now we have Shiroe's side of the death scene. His death experience seems to have been much longer than Akatsuki's, though (with much more focus on his real face...). Anyway, I guess he's figured himself out or something. There was quite a bit of focus during the fight on Demikas as well...now that he's saved Shiroe, is he officially part of the main cast?

But now the question remains: what happened to Shiroe in the time when Akatsuki was fighting the crazy Royal Guard? All we know is that they revived at about the same time and that Shiroe calls Akatsuki after her fight saying that the group will "try again". From the preview, it looks like everyone respawned in the dungeon...so maybe there's a chance the entire dungeon didn't reset. I guess they spend all of that time dealing with their insecurities before they resolve themselves to fight the raid bosses...but does it really take that long? I thought Akatsuki's fight takes at least two days...

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