Psycho Pass 2 Episode 8: So many explanations this week

Well, we finally have an explanation for why Kamui cannot be judged by the Sibyl System. I assume it's only because of the sheer number of different people's organs that were implanted in him...otherwise any transplant would clear a person. Or maybe people already have their Psycho Pass altered slightly when they undergo transplants? That's not too productive of a speculation, though. That aside, it looks like Togane's obsession for Akane is also somewhat revealed. Apparently, he enjoys messing with Crime would make sense that he would take interest in Akane, who seem to retain her Crime Coefficient regardless of the situation.

It looks like Shimotsuki's snooping has finally gotten her in trouble with the system. It doesn't look like she will die for it just yet, though...instead, it sounds like there is a plan to reveal the Sibyl System's secret to the world. What exactly spurred this on? Is this because Kamui has seemingly broken the system?

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