World Trigger Episode 7: Everyone vs. Yuma

I don't see what Osamu's making such a fuss about at the end of this episode. Didn't he talk before about how the Trigger creates a Trion body that gets destroyed instead of the real body? Even if Yuma takes too much damage, he should just revert back to his normal form. Anyway, this episode marks the part where Yuma finally reveals himself to Border as a Neighbor. Now that Border knows, we can finally find out who he is, right?

Anyway, despite Osamu's yelling, the end of the episode doesn't actually show Yuma getting hit by the sniper, he knew the sniper was there. So more than likely, the next episode begins with Yuma dodging it or only being grazed by the shot. It also sounds, from the preview, like Yuma will show off the Black Trigger a bit next week. Anyway, next week should be where things slow down a bit.

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