Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 7: Betrayal

They're really laying on the hate hard with Archer, huh? It's not really working on me because I still think his fights have been awesome so far. Those two are well on their way on the path to being best friends. There was a weird moment this week, though, where Shirou reacts to Archer's bow materializing (right before he shoots Caster out of the sky). Is there a special meaning to that reaction or was it just something insignificant? Am I just looking too deep into it?

From the preview, it looks like next week returns to the field at school...so fighting against Rider next? I guess they have to give all of the Servants a turn or something. Plus, if Shinji's participating next week, there could be more mage battles...and since Shirou isn't exactly equipped for that, Rin would have to step up, right?

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