Log Horizon 2 Episode 8: Raid boss down

I must admit, Akatsuki's Teaching skill is probably the best one that's been revealed so far...the type that I would want to use in battle. Maybe it's just because I'm more combat-focused in games. It looks like gaining the Teaching skill involves augmenting a skill by adapting that particular skill's purpose. It makes sense given how much the game world is becoming real...I suppose it's the same as the whole cooking thing from earlier in the series.

We finally get an update on Shiroe's situation. It looks like everything is fine on their end...but what did he mean when he said that the group would try again? Does that mean the full raid or just some specific raid boss? Surely they're not doing the whole thing again, right? Based on the preview, it looks like we're going to go back to when Shiroe and Akatsuki died next week to get his side of the story while the Akihabara raid was happening.

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