Parasyte Episode 6: Final battle time already?

Well, it looks like Shinichi managed to survive being stabbed in the heart thanks to Migi. I don't really understand how fusing with his heart improves his eyesight, though. I assume it's something like Migi is now closer to Shinichi's brain and can now exert a more positive influence to it (although, nearsightedness is caused by the structure of the maybe that doesn't work after all).

I find it hard to believe that the one that Shinichi approaches at the end of this episode was actually his mother...surely didn't seem like it from the brief glimpses. Whoever it was looked more like a man than a woman, but I guess his mother has short hair, so what do I know? Side note: I assume Migi's final comment (the one that got cut off) was just going to be that Shinichi's brain is somehow degenerating and that he's losing his humanity...not that unexpected.

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