World Trigger Episode 6: Is riding a bike really that difficult?

This week's episode was pretty awkward to me...they just cleaned up all of the irregular gates in an instant. It felt absurdly easy. As a result, Osamu gets promoted and ends up finally being useful in a fight against a Neighbor. Who knew he had it in him? Also, we're finally introduced to Chika, Osamu's childhood friend who seems to attract Neighbors.

Anyway, next week's episode goes more into Chika, formally introducing her into the cast. This isn't much of a spoiler, but if I remember correctly, her attracting Neighbors was just because of her ridiculous Trion level (which ends up making her more useful than Osamu, I would say). We're getting to the point where the story shifts away from fending off the Neighbor invasion...we'll see how it goes.

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