Sword Art Online 2 Episode 19: Kirito is so busted

This is a very Asuna-focused arc, I see. I guess it's only fair given that she was trapped in a cage for an entire half of a season. Anyway, Zekken is revealed to be Yuuki, and as expected, Asuna is chosen by her from the duel (this is her story after all). Should be a fairly straightforward arc with Asuna dealing with overbearing mother with whatever big lesson she learns from spending time with Yuuki.

No need to tease me or anything about Yuuki. I've already done my research and found out who she truly is. That aside, it looks like this arc is going to be a quest with Yuuki and Asuna (and by the looks of it, some others as well). But why is this quest so important? And what kind of quest is it? This much I don't know...

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