Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 6: Caster appears

So I'm guessing the point of this episode was to introduce the remaining Heroic Spirits in this Grail War? It seems the focus has shifted away from Shinji and Rider (which I can't really say is a bad thing). Still, Shirou is continuing to prove himself fairly useless...his Trace doesn't even work most of the time and it looks like he will be playing benchwarmer in this fight between Caster and Archer. Unless...maybe time to shine? Or is that too optimistic?

Next week, I suppose there will be some battles to watch...Archer vs. Caster and Saber vs. Assassin, it seems. The Assassin in this Grail War always seemed strange to me...you would never expect an Assassin to confront a purely offensive class like Saber so blatantly. But if I remember correctly from the first series, he's not a normal Servant...what was his thing again? Probably something spoilerific, right?

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