Log Horizon 2 Episode 7: Training mode

Just a lot of training and bonding moments this week. As with last week, I'm still curious about what's going on at Shiroe's end (since he should have respawned at the same time as Akatsuki, but hasn't checked in with Marie yet). Another important bit is that Crusty still hasn't respawned either, meaning that his disappearance isn't simple death. Future arc to save him from another dimension, maybe?

It looks like next week will be the final battle against Mr. Samurai. The preview says that Akatsuki will finally be able to unleash her Teaching (in the heat of battle, as expected). I'm curious what the trigger is, though. Is it going to be the power of friendship that was being built up in this episode or will it simply be the new weapon from the blacksmith? Is it really so simple? Also, given that Lenessia has agreed to drop the defenses around Akihabara to cripple the enemy, what happens with Akihabara moving forward? Will they have to have nightly watches to protect the city? It's starting to become more and more like a real town, instead of a game town.

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