World Trigger Episode 5: Mikumo is busted

Most of this week's episode was a big fancy meeting...not all that much to comment on. I will say this, though: Osamu must really want Jin-sempai to notice him if he got that excited just because Jin called him "Megane-kun". He doesn't even consider the possibility that Jin just calls people wearing glasses that by default and just assumes that Jin remembers him...

It looks like next week will introduce Chika Amatori to the cast (we've already seen her before, but now the focus will shift to her). Chika and Osamu know each other pretty well and she has a bit of a special ability. She's also much more powerful that Osamu is, which is part of why this series just got harder to follow after this point. I still think she's a good character, but I got tired of seeing Osamu just get beaten by everyone.

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