Psycho Pass 2 Episode 5: Game time

Oh boy, now we're using video games to manipulate people into killing other people. Is this trying to bring up the age-old question about violence in video games? If you're only trying to kill virtual enemies (but in fact killing living beings), are you truly committing an act of murder? I believe many would say no (probably because they play these games themselves), but I can certainly see a large pocket of society answering yes (although I feel the argument on violent video games seems to have waned in society these days).

Also, it looks like the mystery enforcer Togane Sakuya has a pretty hardcore stalker setup for Akane in his apartment. Not sure how to interpret that yet...but I guess the most interesting part was the "fake" politician revelation...given the face implants that were found, I guess it could either be a body double or some sort of robot...

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