Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 4: Suspicious teacher is suspicious

So it looks like we're moving to Caster now. I'm not sure I would have remembered who her master was if I hadn't watched Carnival Phantasm (don't judge me). Caster's Noble Phantasm is one that's easy to remember, though...not that I'm going to be the one who gives it away now. On the "normal life" side, everyone is obviously super suspicious of Shirou living together with Saber, so now it's a party (Shirou harem unite?).

Next week, it looks like Rin may turn on Shirou for a bit...obviously it won't go anywhere because it's her route, but it looks like something's going to upset her about Shirou. That extra female voice in the preview...Caster, I'm assuming? Is she going to interrupt the altercation and reveal her master plan?

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