Parasyte Episode 3: Tag team go

I agree with A...I'm not too sure what Shinichi was expecting with the barricade. Anyway, this week Tamiya Ryouko introduces herself to Shinichi as a parasite that seems to be less...violent than the rest. She may end up being an ally for all we know. I'm curious why exactly the pregnancy thing was so important to mention this week...maybe to make it more obvious that these creatures are really parasites living within humans (but that already seemed clear before). Also, is anyone else really annoyed at how the students responded to the intruder announcement? When I was in school, they would use code words to indicate an intruder...this guy was yelling blatantly that there was a guy in the school and kids thought it was a drill.

The fight with A begins next week. Looks like Migi and Shinichi will be working together for the first time. It's about time that guy got some combat experience. From the "preview" piece at the end of the episode, it looks like Ryouko may play a role in the fight...based on her comments, it sounds like she would be against A, but who knows? Personally, I think it's better if Shinichi gets the chance to fight it out, but we'll see.

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