Sword Art Online II Episode 16: It's a trap!

The final boss is here! I guess with all of the complaining the group has been doing about being short an offensive magic user, it's only natural that they would recruit one...I wasn't expecting it to be an NPC, though. Is this Freyja really a trap or will she become an AI ally similar to Yui? Also, I checked out the story of Freyja and Thrym in Norse mythology...apparently, in Norse mythology, Thrym steals the hammer Mjolnir from Thor and Loki disguises him as Freyja to get it back from Thrym (so she really is a trap if they're mirroring the mythology).

Presumably, next week is the end of this arc with the final fight against Thrym. I still have no idea what Excaliber is doing in a Norse mythology story, but I guess Kirito needs his shiny new sword, right? Also, who knows? Given how much they've been claiming Freyja is a trap, it's very possible that freeing her was necessary to win the fight against Thrym...then Klein would actually have done something useful for once.

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