Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 3: Archer showing off

Well, that fight was pretty intense. I really liked that Archer spent the entire fight standing on a rooftop across town (you know, like a good archer should). Still, I'm curious why Illya found Archer to be the more interesting of the two Servants when Saber was able to force Berserker's regeneration without as flashy a move as Archer's (assuming Archer actually forced the regeneration while the explosion was happening and Berserker was off-camera).

Based on the preview, it should be back to school next week. Normal life down time? If I remember correctly, Rider came next in the first adaptation of Fate/stay Night. The witch part in the preview suggests Caster, though. For some reason, Caster's role in the first adaptation is a void for me...was she really all that important? I feel like knowing the ending and twists to this show actually makes it more interesting to watch because there are all of these hints that are being dropped that make me question whether the original adaptation had as much stuff like that.

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