Log Horizon 2 Episode 4: The attack begins!

I really do agree with Akatsuki's concerns...I've been question what her purpose is for a while as well. Still, given the focus on her in the ending themes for both the first and second season, I'm guessing she'll eventually find out her purpose and figure out her calling as a true protagonist. Also, was I supposed to be getting hints of the start of a relationship between Akatsuki and Lenessia this week?

It looks like next week will be the first appearance of the Teaching-level skill and it looks like Soujirou will be the one to show it. It's still too early for Akatsuki to die (should still have a few more days until Christmas), so I'm guessing the "non-suspicious" samurai will make a tactical retreat after Soujirou shows off. What happens after that? I would guess Akatsuki will either figure out what she needs to do (quest time?) or start begging Soujirou to teach her (or some sort of training time).

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