Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3: Kirito is the culprit!

Well, we finally get a bit of an introduction from the culprit, Kamui Kirito. I'm curious whether the method to reduce the Crime Coefficient lied in what he was doing in the Inspector's mouth (either hitting a pressure point or infecting her with something since he bled her) or in what he was saying (something about remembering who you were)...more than likely the former. I'm also curious why he needs the Inspector's eye...presumably it's linked to his crazed obsession with finding out his color, but I guess we'll see.

Well, it looks like people are going crazy in the streets and the Dominators are ill-fit to handle the situation. Maybe it's time for Kougami to make his stunning re-appearance? That's probably something that would be sure to mess with everyone...still, if he hasn't really been a factor already, it's possible he's being kept aside for a last-minute arrival.

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