Parasyte First Impressions (1): Time to start wearing headphones to sleep out of paranoia?

This type of show really falls out of my normal's not that I dislike horror. I'm just not a huge fan of grotesque monsters. The premise of this show, parasites invading people's brains and taking over, seems familiar to me for some reason, but I haven't quite put my finger on it yet. It looks like our main character Shinichi Izumi is put in a unique position of retaining his conscious mind. It also looks like this "invasion" is no coincidence. Either these parasites are really aliens and they're invading the Earth (it looked like they were coming from space) or it's some elaborate conspiracy for some scientific testing.

Not too much to say about the music in this series. I think the background music throughout the episode was probably more enjoyable than the opening or ending themes to be honest. I've seen this series in manga form in bookstores around me, but I never really had the motivation to read it. I guess my only motivation here is that the anime adaptation exists and I was curious.

I was probably drawn in by the psychological tag, but it doesn't seem to be much. My guess is that it won't amount to much more than the standard "these guys were originally human, so is it okay to kill them?" sort of thing. Random side note: I'm curious about the whole bug thing with Shinichi. It's true that the simple explanation is that the parasite took over and handled the spider, but maybe there's some sort of subtle neurological influences going on here?

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