Psycho Pass 2 First Impressions (1): Back again

It's definitely true that the ending of the last season of this show felt incomplete to me. But in a way, it also felt resolved, which makes this new season awkward for me. We return with more crime-fighting with Tsunemori Akane, who is now a more mature inspector with the same naive morals, and Ginoza Nobuchika, Akane's former superior who will presumably be taking the role of Kougami Shinya in this season. The adversary revealed at the end of the episode feels like a wannabe of the last season's main antagonist, manipulating the system to his advantage, but we'll have to see.

I'm torn about how I want this season to end up going. On the one hand, it would be satisfying to see them beat the Sibyl System whose secret they discovered in the last season, but on the other hand, the ending of the last season of "the system is corrupt, but it does good and we have to live with that" was also very interesting. In the end, I guess it just makes this new season worrisome.

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