Zankyou no Terror Final Episode (11): The plan

And so the plan finally comes to fruition. I was surprised that they actually allowed the bomb to set off, but I also couldn't think of a good way for them to disarm it, so I guess there weren't many other options. I personally have no problems with an ending like this. The plan worked despite the sacrifice of the main characters. I think I've said before that bittersweet endings are my preference and that I don't get overly attached to main characters.

All in all, not a bad show. Probably the only thing I found questionable was the whole ordeal with Five, but whatever. I also question Lisa's role in the show, but I guess it was for the feels or something. I don't really like the comparisons I've seen between this show and Death Note, saying that it's a better "Death Note", but I guess people are free to believe what they want.

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