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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 24: Full power?

Well...that final scene sure looked like Miyuki was removing whatever limiters Tatsuya has on his powers. In this episode, we've already seen him vaporize a truck without harming the driver from inside a building...just how frightening is he going to be now that he can use all of his abilities? Also, I can't believe that Tatsuya's military past surprised his classmates...I mean, really? I guess he was more discrete than I gave him credit for...

Only two more episodes remain for this series. That means that either the final battle takes two episodes (which is possible if they want to showcase every main character's abilities for a final time) or they wrap everything up next week and use the last episode for epilogue. I can't imagine what they would spend that epilogue episode doing, though...

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