Aldnoah.Zero Episode 11: So Marito does nothing this season?

The final assault begins (relatively Slaine-less for this episode). I still really don't understand these Aldnoah drives. Cruhteo's machine was deactivated because Cruhteo, the activator, died...but why was he able to activate it in the first place? I thought only the royal family could do that. So maybe there has to be a way that the royal family can activate it while using someone else as a proxy? And what exactly determines the range in which these drives can be activated/deactivated? I guess it's by touch based on what we've already seen...

Next week will wrap up this first season of the series. There are two ways that they can go about this. The first option is that everyone wipes out Saazbaum and Asseylum is able to negotiate some sort of peace between the Martians and Terrans...this is the most unlikely case, though. The more probable ending is that the battle ends on a huge cliffhanger to be continued in the next season. And we still need to figure out how Slaine fits into far, it looks like he'll be joining the fight as an ally, but we still can't discount the fact that Inaho did shoot him down earlier.

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