Captain Earth Episode 23: Finally time for the mission?

Well, this episode seemed like a pretty big waste of time. The entire thing turns out to be a hallucination by Daichi that distracts him for a bit before he can destroy the Garm Engine...nothing sinister about it. I don't really understand why they needed to devote an episode to this...there really isn't all that much more from this episode that I can talk about.

Honestly, I was starting to think Daichi got captured by the Planetary Gears because of how much they appeared in his hallucination. Anyway, it looks like next week will be the start of the big fight against all of the Kiltgang (not that we've gotten through all of the distractions). Based on the preview, it sounds a lot like Daichi will be fighting by himself...time for him to show off, I guess.

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