Sword Art Online II Episode 10: Preparations for another fight

Not too much happened this week. As expected, Sinon is saved at the last second from being killed by Death Gun by Kirito. However, the rest of the episode just the two of them pouring their pasts on each other. I guess you could say Sinon has basically officially joined Team Kirito, but not much more happened this week...it was kind of a boring episode. No details were revealed and a lot of talking happens.

As for Sinon's condition, I'm assuming the reality of dying caused her to "return the real world", explaining her inability to shoot in the motorcycle chase. Not much more I could really say about that (I don't even know why I try...I'm not a psychologist). Either way, I'm guessing this BoB tournament is going to end with the first half of this show, so we should be gearing up to some sort of "final encounter" in the next couple of episodes.

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