Sword Art Online II Episode 9: Sinon's turn?

Well, the ending of this episode isn't all too surprising given that we saw the scene where the mystery guy was looking at a screenshot of Sinon as a potential target. It looks like Death Gun has either taken an interest in Kirito or has been targeting Kirito all along. Maybe his first couple of targets were intentionally people that were well-known in GGO so that the incidents would get enough attention to draw Kirito in...or is that thinking too deeply into it? On a side note, poor Klein...he's trying so hard to be useful, but he doesn't remember the true identity of Death Gun either.

Probably one of two things happens next week. Either Kirito shows up in the nick of time to save Sinon from being shot by Death Gun or the entire thing is an act and Sinon isn't actually going to die to the gunshot. Either way, I see no indication that Sinon will actually die because I still think that she has a connection to Death Gun already. Also, it looked like Asuna was making a move too, so is she going to join Kirito in GGO as well? Hopefully she doesn't end up being the hostage like ALO...

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