Captain Earth Episode 20: Salty Dog keeps getting saltier

This week, Teppei and Akari finally have their own moment. The couples of the show have finally been established before the impending final battle. Something that had me curious during the episode was whether Teppei or Ai recognized the other...or at the very least suspected the true identity of the other. Based on their reactions, it didn't really seem like it, I guess.

It looks like next week, the group will have to deal with both the Ark Faction/Salty Dog and the Planetary Gears. But why does the preview only show Teppei fighting the debris outside? Does that mean Hana and Daichi will be tied up dealing with Hirosue and Ai within the Tenkaidou? Either way, I can't help feeling a sense of apprehension for these characters given their confessions before the final fight...

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