Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 20: Spies are everywhere

It looks like spies from different sides are going to be hanging around in this arc (assuming there is a replacement for the spy killed at the very end of this episode). I'm more interested in the girl on the Chinese side who wants revenge on Tatsuya, though. Is it for something that happened before he started at First High or was it because of something we've already seen? I can't think of a specific action that was particularly objectionable...

A lot of the conversation this week seemed to suggest that the Thesis Competition was coming pretty close...or at the very least, there wasn't all that much left to be done for Tatsuya and his team. Just what exactly has Tatsuya been able to accomplish in this short time? He's not going to break another barrier of magic research effortlessly, right?

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