Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 19: So now he can survive a sniper bullet through the chest too?

Oh, so Tatsuya is going to be making a Philosopher's Stone this time? Seems pretty standard by this point. It looks like the main goal for this arc is the creation of magic weapons, so that regular people can use magic. It sounds like a perfect precursor to a revolt against the magicians, right? But I'm assuming there's not enough time left in this series for that.

I guess the main enemy for this arc will be the Chinese. But how is this Thesis Competition going to factor into all of these events? It can't be a mirror of the last arc where the enemy organization is interfering with the competition to further their efforts, right? Presumably the competition will end up being a side event that allows Tatsuya to investigate the relic or something...

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