Sword Art Online II Episode 5: Death Gun talks really slowly...

Well, it looks like Kirito's first fight went by fairly quickly. The moment where he revealed his gender to Sinon wasn't too interesting a way to do it for me. What was more interesting was probably his meeting with Death Gun. It looks like Death Gun is actually someone from his past, someone from the PK guild Laughing Coffin in SAO. Does this mean that Kirito has become a target for Death Gun as well?

I guess the better question is "have we met Death Gun in the course of the series yet?" My first guess was Kuradeel, the crazy Asuna stalker, because he turned Laughing Coffin right at the end. However, Kirito killed him and the flashback showed that the tattoo was in the wrong place. I still haven't discounted the possibility that this Spiegel guy is Death Gun or at least related to him (we don't know whether it's just one guy), because of what I said in an earlier post about how he shows upĀ in the opening theme. Plus, he was conveniently in the room when Death Gun appeared to Kirito and wasn't shown during or after the conversation.

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