Aldnoah.Zero Episode 5: Two down...Inaho's on a roll

I was impressed by Slaine's attempt to stop the war by talking to the emperor, but it seems to have failed miserably. I was actually almost expecting the emperor to be a co-conspirator in the assassination attempt on Asseylum, but it looks like he was just tricked by Saazbaum. It looks like Saazbaum was much more difficult to fool than Cruhteo with Slaine's weak lies about the death of Trillram. What happens next for Slaine? If they realize he has gone rogue, will they try to kill him now? I'd be surprised if they kept letting him go about as he has been.

I guess the final comment by Saazbaum about how ironic it was that Slaine would stand against their cause has me curious. Is it simply trying to suggest that Slaine's father was the one who was originally able to harness Aldnoah to create these ridiculous Kataphrakts? Or maybe he's the one that's behind the whole idea of using an assassination plot to start a war in the first place? Meanwhile on the Terran side, the mystery comes in just exactly why Inaho is so capable in comparison to everyone around him. Surely he can't keep winning so easily forever...he basically beat the Kataphrakt from this episode in one move...this time without collaboration with his friends beforehand.

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