Zankyou no Terror Episode 4: Lisa joins?

Well, the episode didn't go the way it looked like it going to me. I thought they might blow up a few police officers in the end and then force them to make a secret task force with the few remaining officers. The task force might still happen, but it looks like it was an information leak this time. The trick to the puzzle this week was made fairly obvious to the audience with the fact that Nine was briefly shown examining Shibazaki's profile and the "know thyself" line. At this rate, I'm going to have to read more Oedipus...

Still no sign of anyone who can stand up to Sphinx other than Shibazaki. There was a specific person at the end of the episode who looked particularly distraught about the investigation files being's possible he becomes relevant in some sort of vendetta, but it might have just been extra drama for the moment. Anyway, Lisa collapses at Sphinx's door, presumably due to exhaustion and hunger. It's almost a given that she'll join up with them, but what exactly will be her role in the group? I guess I'm also curious why Twelve has such an interest in her as well...

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