Tokyo ESP Episode 3: Heroes of justice

It looks like the beginning of this series will be focusing on team-building. I think the red-haired invisibility girl was shown fighting on Rinka's side in the first episode, so there will be a process to turn her away from petty crime. There's also the interesting question of who the samurai is. I'm currently working with two possibilities. For one, it could be the girl from the first episode shown using teleportation and dual swords. Also, there's a possibility it's the person shown briefly this week standing next to Azuma in his flashback, explaining the samurai's knowledge of Azuma's name.

Anyway, next week should get through this whole kidnapping thing. Although, it looks like Murasaki may be able to save herself now that she's getting a psychic power of her own.I can't remember what her power was...hope it's something interesting, I guess.

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