Sword Art Online II Episode 4: Kirito got to show off pretty quickly

It looks like Kirito has finally entered the game. They didn't waste any time letting him show Sinon how godlike he is. Also, it turns out the sword is just a regular item in GGO, just an unused one. I guess it's up to Kirito to prove everyone wrong. Given that most FPS games provide you with a melee weapon for free, it's interesting to think about what would happen if you actually had to buy a melee weapon...I would still expect them to be pretty common.

Anyway, it looks like next week is the registration for BoB. I'm juggling a few possibilities for next steps. First, Kirito and Sinon could make it to the registration with just enough time for Kirito to register, but not Sinon...that could open some tension between the two. Second, they both register successfully, but Sinon is immediately attacked by Death Gun. Finally, they could just register and immediately enter the tournament. My preference is the third one, but I'm guessing the second one has the highest likelihood.

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