Aldnoah.Zero Episode 4: Next up, beam swords

It looks like Slaine will continue to investigate things from the Martian side. It's comforting to know that he wasn't somehow brainwashed into thinking the Asseylum he saw was a double or something. Presumably, when Asseylum finally gets to contact Vers as she intends to do, they will try to pull some fake/imposter crap to cause confusion. Now we just need to see whether Slaine will be the constant rival for Inaho or a quick ally...that will have to wait until the two meet, though. I'm going to ignore the part this week where Inko points out that Inaho's strategy was more reckless than usual because that's probably just the start of the love triangle between Asseylum, Inaho, and Slaine.

No complaints about the changed ED song this week...these songs are all awesome.

That aside, is the Kataphrakt from this week going to be the next major enemy for the series? If all he has is a beam sword, it doesn't seem all too impressive so far. While I'm totally fine with more action as the main characters struggle to survive, eventually there should be some sort of counterattack, right? Don't they need some sort of ace other than Inaho's strategies? I dunno...hijacked Kataphrakt, maybe? Or is Slaine going to be enough? Honestly, Slaine felt much more like a main character this week than Inaho did.

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