Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: Well, that was...something

Is this Tsukiyama Shuu guy supposed to be an ally in the future? The bit at the very end of the episode seems to suggest that he will be a recurring character that is, for some reason, really interested in Ken's body (interpret that however you want). Anyway, Ken is still proving to be relatively useless so far...I'm waiting for the moment when he stops becoming a sniveling lead character. He's supposed to be getting combat training now, right?

It looks like the main enemy for this series will end up being the one-eyed ghoul (the natural one). It was mentioned this week that they occur very rarely and more importantly, it was mentioned that they are more powerful than pure ghouls. That might mean there's one actually running amok and Ken will be the only one to fight it, being a one-eyed ghoul himself (it's possible he has the same strengths?). It was already suggested that Rize's death was intentional, meaning that it's very possible this main antagonist is the real culprit.

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