Sword Art Online II Episode 3: Game time

It looks like Kirito has finally logged in...although, most of this episode was devoted to introducing Asada Shino, the real-life version of Shinon. She freaks out at the sight of guns in real life because of an incident in her past, but seems to be able to handle them just fine in GGO. Presumably, her mind doesn't make the same associations because Shinon isn't technically her. It feels odd to explain it like that, though. It would have made more sense from a neuroscience perspective if she only had panic attacks when holding guns.

But that aside, it looks like Death Gun's next target is Shinon. It's possible he considers her acquisition of Hecate to be a cheat and wishes to punish her for it (is that even a good motive, though?). Or he just goes after strong players? That feels even worse. Either way, I guess that will be the reason for Kirito and Shinon to cooperate in game.

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