Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3: What's Slaine's role in all of this?

That was an interesting analysis of the enemy Kataphrakt's barrier. One problem, though: if the barrier really absorbs all light, it should have been impossible to see the machine (or at least, it would look like a black spot to people). Using the water to find the weak point was pretty cool, though. I just thought they'd use the obvious vulnerability in the feet. Asseylum's big reveal was also more random than I expected.

It looks like the show will be pitting Inaho and his friends in Terran Kataphrakts against the Martian army after all. I'm interested in how they'll use their lower-spec machines to overpower the seemingly unstoppable Martians. They can't all be as easy as this one, right? Also, what will Slaine do now? The opening shows him piloting Martian machines. Will he still serve them despite knowing the truth behind the assassination attempt and despite seeing Asseylum fighting with the Terrans? Or will he become some sort of spy in the Martian army?

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