Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Nothing like watching a little girl devour a corpse, right?

It looks like this week, Ken gets a chance to be more human by helping cheer Hinami up. He's trying to make the best of his situation. The censorship in that scene was actually pretty funny to me (they focus on theĀ ground to show some corpse or something, but we can't actually see what it is). I'm sure most people would find it an impediment, but I guess I just don't care. I'm much more curious about what the ghouls really are and why they exist. We saw that a ghoul child is possible, so presumably they breed somehow? Or are they "created" from humans?

I'm sure "Mr. Fabulous", who showed up at the end of the episode should be introducing some more trouble into Ken's situation. Presumably, next week he should also be getting that mask that he's shown wearing in the opening song (I thought he might get it this week). I this show supposed to be about suffering (every good moment Ken has is snatched away somehow) or about hope?

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