Captain Earth Episode 15: Finally another engine

It looks like Hana ends up getting a Livlaster after all. I guess that new machine from last week might go to Hana as predicted. But doesn't that mean that Akari should logically get her own Livlaster eventually as well? She hasn't been doing too much lately (other than standing by on the ground next too a mecha battle...who does that?). Meanwhile, on the other side, it looks like Setsuna has turned (easily as always). Also, the guy in the suit finally finds out that his plan has been hijacked by Puck...who subsequently hijacks him.

Next week, it looks like Hana will be heading to space in the new Flare Engine against a new Kiltgang. I still don't quite understand what she she another designer's child? Setsuna seems to have been. But Teppei talks about having created her, so she's somehow artificially one? A clone, maybe?

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