Tokyo ESP First Impressions (1): I don't remember this many explosions

I read the manga for this show, but I don't remember any of this stuff happening. From the first episode, we see a Tokyo where espers are using their powers to cause havoc across the city. The main character should be Urushiba Rinka, the girl that appears at the end of the episode. I know I stopped reading the manga somewhere along the line because I lost interest, but I find it hard to believe I would have forgotten something like this. I don't think that the manga had this level of action coming out of the gate. It certainly is better for grabbing the attention than a girl falling through the floor of her bedroom, right?

I'm curious whether the anime is accelerating the story of the manga or whether it's now going to return to when Rinka first gets her powers like the manga did. If the manga ends up becoming something like this, I might start reading it again. I must have quit too early. Of course, that means that I'm going into this show pretty much like everyone else, so I might continue to cover this show because of that.

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