Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 15: Preparations for the fight

It looks like this week's episode was just the exposition of the two sides and their skills. This all seems too simple so far. The military has mentioned that Tatsuya is holding certain skills's naturally a correct tactic in this situation, but the final can't be such a simple case of Tatsuya revealing one of these techniques and besting Masaki, right? That's just too easy of a finish. Plus, Tatsuya's the kind of guy that would use more...flourish?

Next week is finally the face-off between Masaki and Tatsuya. Presumably, the No Head Dragons should be making a move pretty soon as well. Just how much of Tatsuya's power will we see next week? Are we finally going to learn just how strong he really is or will he remain an awkwardly-kept military secret (he's been doing so well so far!)?

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