Sword Art Online II Episode 2: FPS with boss farming...what?

Well, I don't know if Shinon is a good FPS player, but she hasn't shown me any abilities as a sniper yet. She only hit two shots in this episode, one on an unaware target and the second at point-blank range. It's almost like she's being carried by her gun or something. But that aside, I'm surprised that Kirito hasn't rushed into GGO yet. Is he actually frightened by Death Gun? Is this supposed to be hesitation spawned by his original time in SAO?

Presumably, next week is when Kirito finally enters the game and meets Shinon. There's an interesting point in the opening song that has me curious. Shinon is shown in the real world reaching towards a boy that hasn't been revealed yet. The boy is then engulfed in flames panning to a scene with Death Gun. Does this suggest that Shinon has some sort of relationship with Death Gun? Or maybe that's something that will happen in this show soon?

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