Aldnoah.Zero Episode 2: This is basically a massacre

It's great to know the Martian Cataphracts are incapable of outrunning a girl on foot. Well, it looks like the Terrans are going to learn that the assassination from the first episode was a Martian plot from this girl Rayet. The princess has also joined the rest of the cast. We even had our first character death...I'm guessing Inaho's subsequent decision to destroy the Cataphract that caused his friend's death is his way of showing he cares?

Agh...I like this ending song too...all of this music is just great. This worries me so much going into this show. Anyway, I guess this is one of those shows that doesn't have a preview, so it's time to start guessing. We already know that the group is going to try to make an attack on the Cataphract. I guess now we find out whether Inaho will remain a tactical brain, become a combat god, or both. I'm curious how they'll be able to fight given how routed Earth has been for this entire episode. Speaking of what's to come, is anyone else really curious about that scene at the end of the opening sequence where Asseylum points a gun at the camera in tears?

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