Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2: First ghoul death? Or is he still alive?

It looks like Ken has joined Anteiku, but I still don't understand what they're doing. Touka was quick to save him from eating Hide despite forcing him to eat food at the start of the episode. I'm guessing Anteiku is simply an organization that tries to coexist with humans by stealing meals from other ghouls to survive. That way, they don't have to murder innocents themselves. We still don't know much about the true nature of these ghouls. We learned that a kagune ability exists, but we don't really know it's limitations or nature. I still feel like I'm in the dark.

I'm cool with the opening and ending songs for this show as a first impression. I think they're both slightly above-average songs. They seem pretty mellow for what's going on, though...would have expected at least one of them to be punk rock or something. Anyway, presumably next week is when we find out more about Anteiku or something. I'm still waiting to see what exactly is still human about Ken, especially considering we don't know what exactly a ghoul is yet.

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