Zankyou no Terror First Impressions (1): Explosions!

An interesting first episode for this one. The story follows two terrorists, Nine and Twelve, as they cause havoc in Tokyo, presumably as retribution for incidents in the institution in which they were raised. The third character, Lisa Mishima, is an outcast in school, but joins the two protagonists after stumbling across one of their operations. The protagonist composition seems fairly can memorize data and the other can plan from it. So what exactly are we getting ourselves into with this show? Is it going to just be a constant chase? Evading law enforcement?

The opening song for this series is pretty good in my opinion...ending song is fairly average. Next week, it looks like law enforcement will begin investigating "VON", the characters that were left behind in the first attack. Also, Lisa will start to learn about the two that she has agreed to join. I'm still curious what exactly their goal is. There are only so many motivations that they can have, but what could they be hoping to accomplish? Is there some sort of grand goal? It looks like an interesting start to the series, so I'm staying on for now.

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