Akame ga Kill First Impressions (1): Welcome to the capital

Having read the manga for this series, I'm very curious how this adaptation turns out. It's a pretty simple setup...the main character Tatsumi joins the assassin resistance group Night Raid to help them ferret out corruption in the capital. It caught my interest as a manga because it doesn't follow the simple happy-go-lucky adventure quest that most shounen series choose. I don't even think Ieyasu and Sayo are ever mentioned again after this episode now that I think about it.

Anyway, the next week's episode is Tatsumi's induction into Night Raid. As the fresh face, he's got some training that he'll have to get through. Music-wise, I'd say this show is probably about average. The opening song is okay with me...the ending song isn't much. Anyway, I still have to decide whether I will continue to cover this. It's hard to remain relevant when I know so much about the series already.

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