Aldnoah.Zero First Impressions (1): Time to go to war!

This show is one of the more anticipated series for this season. It starts out pretty simply...a stalemate between Mars and Earth falls apart when the princess of Mars is assassinated in a peace mission on Earth. It looks like our main characters will be Inaho Kaizuka, an almost too-stoic mecha pilot on Earth, and Slaine Troyard, originally from Earth but currently fighting for Mars. The show has a lot going for it so far. It has a solid soundtrack and a great opening song. And who doesn't love nukes? I think I'll join the hype train for this one.

I'm very curious about what Inaho will be doing. He remained way too calm during the attack. There's always the slight possibility that he was involved, but he seemed to be analyzing the attack as it was happening. It's an interesting character personality and I want to learn more about it. Also, presumably we're supposed to interpret the setting as such: the Martians believe themselves to be the hands of Aldnoah, having been granted these powerful relics of a forgotten civilization. It works for me, but there are some obvious implications.

A lot of things have been left open in this first episode for speculation. For example, the princess's face is never revealed during the missile bombardment, so there's a very high chance that she sent a replacement and is still alive (I'd say almost certainly that's the case). Also, I'm not sure what to make of the conversations before the assassination. For one, the group claimed that it was years of hiding coming to fruition, which suggests some sort of terrorist group...but on the other hand, the communication among Mars soldiers suggests that it was an inside job to allow Mars to use its incredible military force.

So now the fighting begins? It seems like a pretty typical race war...the same as what you would see in a Gundam series with the Earth using its higher population to fight against the much more advanced technology of its space-colonizing opponents. There's even the possibility that Slaine defects back to Earth...especially if the Asseylum is still alive and sympathizes with Earth. This first episode followed a fairly predictable trajectory, but I'm ready for what comes next.

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